It’s Christmas time!

Ohhh I love a bit of Christmas. Everything is so festive, so joyful. So much anticipation. My husband always have to rein in my enthusiasm but I decided to embrace it. Can I put the Christmas decoration yet? And now? What about now? I am worst that a toddler on a car journey!

From a photographic point of view, what I really like is the endless creative possibilities. Set the atmosphere. Trying to get the photo viewers in the magic universe of Christmas.

This year, I am trying to go a bit more minimalistic a bit Scandi (what a horrible buzz word it has become!). I really love the clean look that it brings, the unfussy simplicity. Maybe a more modern image of Christmas? I think that by staying away from too much visual distraction, our little subjects and beautiful family will shine all the more.

You will have to let me know how you like it when I get to publish the photographs!

Happy run up to Christmas everyone!


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